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sandwich panels

Kingspan – manufacturer of easy to install sandwich panels

The production of sandwich panels for walls and roofs should be carried out in perfect conditions, as only then is it possible to achieve the right parameters.

Thermal Insulation Parameters

Kingspan, a manufacturer of sandwich panels that are easy to install, is the undisputed market leader. The company also manufactures refrigeration accessories and doors. All the items are competitively priced and made of the best quality materials. Sandwich panels are very economical and possess good thermal insulation parameters. They are ideal for large projects that need to be completed quickly. The production utilizes the latest technology, so the panels are manufactured in an extremely short time. Kingspan panels are also characterized by low weight and very high strength. All of these factors mean that they are being used more and more successfully on many structures. This also makes them perfect to be used to build cold storage chambers and freezers.

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Additional accessories

When buying sandwich panels it is worth to equip yourself with accessories such as:

  •  blinds
  •  a natural lighting system
  • a masking strip
  • flashing

Companies involved in the production of food products must obligatorily equip their facilities with cold rooms. This will ensure that the products do not deteriorate and retain their value longer. The best cold rooms use small amounts of energy and have a low life cycle cost. When choosing sandwich panels, it is worth paying attention to the standard of workmanship and the material used. The quality of Kingspan products is regularly confirmed by means of tests and certificates. All sandwich panels are made carefully with attention to the tiniest details.

sandwich panels

Mounting a sandwich panel

All these aspects make this company’s products a popular choice among customers. The sandwich panel can be installed vertically or horizontally. It works perfectly as a lightweight wall cladding regardless of the type of building. If the outside temperature is generally higher than 0 degrees Celsius then it would be a good idea to use lightweight panels. The biggest advantage of a sandwich panel system is its core. The excellent insulation is possible thanks to the core and the diverse coating. The concealed fastening system is also an interesting solution to hide any imperfections and make the structure look better. The standard length of the panel is 3-13 meters, but it can be cut and customized on request. The greatest possible length is 15 meters, however it is rarely used.

sandwich panels



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